How I Am Different

When I tell people I’m a financial planner and wealth manager, they often ask how I’m different from all the other planners and advisors out there.

That’s a great question, as I believe I am different in three significant ways, and they’re not about planning or investments!

1. My Attention to Detail

“I didn’t think about that …” I have heard that phrase hundreds of times as I’ve asked clients and family members about seemingly mundane things like maintenance expenses for older homes, vet bills for special pets, and celebrations for family milestone events. But it’s my thoroughness in asking the right questions that often results in uncovering the details that could make or break their plan for retirement.

2. My Insistence on Preparing for the Unexpected

I want to make sure my clients will be okay even when the unexpected happens. That’s why we talk about the Murphy’s Law factor and the importance of building into their plans the funds they may need to cover unexpected expenses such as a major dental bill, a broken appliance or even helping out the kids.

3. The Level of Comfort and Trust I Build with Clients

Whether they need a creative solution to a complicated situation, or helping their children with career or relationship advice or pre-marriage financial counseling, my clients know they can pick up the phone, call me, and I’ll be able to help them with what they need. Sometimes I feel like I’m their personal Google.